MacArthur Park Home Health

Frequently Asked Questions

a nurse goes over paperwork with an elderly couple in their livingroom

What is Home Health care?

Home Health care is skilled care provided in the comfort of a patient’s residence by a skilled nurse or therapist. Care is focused on helping people manage a chronic condition and/or recover from illness, surgery, accident or change in medical status. At MacArthur Park Home Health, we create individual care plans specific to the patient’s needs.

Who pays for Home Health care?

Medicare pays 100 percent for those who qualify. Private insurance may also pay for home care. However, benefits vary by policy and verification of benefits is required.

Who qualifies for Medicare-reimbursed services?

Patients must be 65 years of age or older, have a skilled need and be homebound. The primary care physician must provide a referral and order for home health care. Patients younger than 65 may qualify if they have received Social Security disability benefits for at least two years, or they currently receive Medicare disability benefits.

What is homebound?

Medicare considers you homebound if you are/have:

This is just a partial list. Feel free to contact our office for further assistance or information regarding being homebound.

Will Medicare pay for Home Health services if the patient is still working at 65 years of age or older?

Yes. The patient can use Medicare. If the patient is covered by their employer’s health insurance plan, then Medicare can be used as the secondary insurance plan. However, a patient cannot be working outside the home and also considered home bound.

Does Medicare cover home visits?

Yes. However, the patient must meet the following criteria:

If I need to reach MacArthur Park Home Health, when can I call?

Our offices are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, but our team of professionals is available 24 hours a day for consultation or visits as needed. Our on-call 24-hour phone number for contacting a skilled nurse is (405) 878-4753.